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Memoirs of the Kakioka Magnetic Observatory Vol.14 No.01, p.1, March, 1971

Geomagnetic Variations near Focus of Sq Current Vortex

Yanagihara, K.


 An analysis of geomagnetic diurnal variations near the focus of current vortex indicates existence of diverging or converging currents. Dynamo currents in the thin layer are not sufficient to interpret the observational fact in the focus region.Diverging or converging currents in the ionosphere suggest magnetospheric currents in their continuation. On the other hand the asymmetry of current vortex between northern and southern hemisphere must produce magnetospheric current through high longitudinal conductivity. Sma1l potential difference between conjugate points produces enormous magnetospheric currents. At equilibrium the resultant static field, which is produced by both of dynamo action and magnetospheric current, will be nearly symmetrical. But very sma1l difference of static potential between conjugate points still lets considerable current flow along magnetic line of force. The current connects to Pedersen current in the ionosphere produced by the additional static field.

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