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Memoirs of the Kakioka Magnetic Observatory Vol.02 No.02,03, p.69, March, 1940

On the Geo-electromagnetic Variations

Hoshi, T.


 The general features of geo-electromagnetic variations of external origin, as for the variation's period we confine ourselves from diurnal change to a few seconds, are trnted theoretically in the present paper.
  The results are summarized as follows:
  1) the variation of atmospheric electricity, excepting the disturbances of meteorological and some local nature, is connected with the variation of vertical component of electric current or some other factors producing the same effect, at the variation's origin which is considered to be existent in the upper ionized region; and
  2) the variations of geo-magnetism and so-called earth current are due to the variations of lateral components of electric current, and the relations between them are depending upon the physical constants in the earth body; and
  3) the well known proportion of internal magnetic field to external one and phase difference between them are attributed to the discontinuous distribution of electric conductivity and magnetic permeability interior the earth crust, and the demanded conditions are not so unaccountable as given by Dr. S. Chapmann, i.e. the triple layer construction of the earth body deduced from seismic research and other branch of geophysics, seems to play a role significant by the geo-electromagnetism.

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