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Memoirs of the Kakioka Magnetic Observatory Vol.22 No.01, p.21, March, 1987

Statistics on the Geomagnetic Phenomena Observed at Kakioka

Okamoto, A. & Fujita, S.


 This report presents statistics on characteristic values of geomagnetic rapid variations (magnetic storm,si,bay as well as sfe) observed at Kakioka in the interval of July, 1957−December,1985 in addition to those on the K indices for 1932-1985.
  Data for this report have been derived from the geomagnetic data base in a machine-readable form based on the observation reports published by the Kakioka Magnetic Observatory;“Report of the Geomagnetic and Geoelectric Observations (Rapid Variations)" for the geomagnetic rapid variations,as well as “Report of the Kakioka Magnetic Observatory. Geomagnetism" and “Memoirs of the Kakioka Magnetic Observatory" for the K indices.
  The purpose of this report is to support studies and investigations on geomagnetism by other scientists, rather than to present original findings on geomagnetic rapid variations.
  Quality of each geomagnetic phenomenon with three degrees of A (very distinct).
  B (fair, ordinary, but unmistakable) and C (doubtful) is determined rather subjectively according to characteristic quantities and qualities such as its amplitude and a shape of a magnetic trace in a magnetogram. Events for the statistics have quality of A or B except for the magnetic storm,for which even the events with quality of C have been dealt with. Particularly, as for all kinds of rapid variations occurred before 1958, we employed all events including C-class one for the statistics. Time of occurrence refers to the universal time throughout this report.

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