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Memoirs of the Kakioka Magnetic Observatory Vol.04 No.02, p.23, September, 1943

The Earth's Magnetism and Earthquake(1)

Yoshimatsu, T.


 (1) The world-wide distribution of the so-called foci of the secular variation of the earth's magnetism is well related to that of the land and ocean, and a more close investigation, considering the distribution of the principal earthquake zones, suggests a possible cause of these secular variations due to the induction by the present general field.
  (2) The annual means of both horizontal and vertical intensities at the Kakioka and Toyohara Magnetic Observatories are statistically investigated from the point of view that some of local magnetic disturbances in the vicinity of the active crustal deformation should be expected to relate to the occurrence of earthquakes. The result obtained is just so that the general investigation of the secular variation must be attacked at first from this consideration.

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